ask the expert - Q&A with mishi:

Hello Mishi,

I currently have dry hair and peek-a-boo highlights. I really want ombré highlights but was told my hair is too dry. I love your work and want to know if it is possible for you to ombré hair like mine? (with peek-a-boo highlights and dry hair). Thanks for your time and hope you can help me.


Dear Melanie,

I have a couple clients who have inherently super dry hair. They condition and get regular trims, but it's still dry. Regardless, they still want to leave it long and do ombré color because it looks so great. The hair may not be silky smooth, but they are happy because it meets their aesthetic expectations. If you are expecting that it's going to be slightly damaging and accept responsibility to care for a new ombré style, then I recommend you come see me. I have some great products with fabulous natural moisturizers for dry, colored hair. Though it's important for everyone to use quality hair products, it's especially important if you have very dry hair. You should check out the product that I recommend, and plan to cut your hair just before the ombré color is applied. It's also a great idea to do a follow-up trim about a month after the color. This will keep any split ends at bay, and prevent your hair from becoming more damaged and needing more length cut off later.

As for the peek-a-boo highlights, I'm seeing a lot of people come in who have peek-a-boo highlights, and want me to blend them to make it more of an ombré. It's my opinion that stylists who don't know how to do ombré end up doing this a lot, but we all know the full story here. They don't know how to do balayage highlights (hand painted highlights), and are still reliant on the foil.  Balayage will help blend the peek-a-boo highlights, but it might not get as light with the first color process. The foil in traditional highlights acts as a heat conductor, and helps lighten the hair more significantly in one sitting. To achieve a light blonde highlight for darker hair, it will be necessary to do at least two balayage sessions.

Melanie, I hope this answers your questions! I'd love for you to come in to Morphic for an appointment to do an ombré look! Feel free to come in for a consultation, or just make a Skype appointment here on the website!

Thanks for the query!

- Mishi