tooth n nail | adrienne moore

Has your hair ever been in a state where you thought there was no hope? Well, I’d like to share the inspirational story of Adrienne Moore with you. Exactly one year ago, Adrienne came to me with a mohawk of blonde breakage about an inch short and standing straight up from her scalp on top of her long, one length hair.  This wreckage was created by attempting to do balayage on herself.

Over the year, I worked with Adrienne and did deep conditioning treatments each time we did color. We are ecstatic to share that today, we are finally “there”, and Adrienne is rocking the most fabulous hair that she’s ever had. I'm extremely proud of how far we have come on this hair journey!

Aside from having kick-ass hair, Adrienne Moore is a vivacious, saucy, and badass jewelry designer here in San Francisco.  She is a true superstar, and in fact here in Mishi Nation, we only wear her jewelry!  Adrienne’s Tooth N Nail designs can be found in over ten boutiques in the city, as well as online at her etsy site: