Burner Braids: Book now!

Hello Burning Mavens!

We have just brought on a new braider, Tamia, to make space for more clients to get their precious locks secured and looking right for the playa.

Check out some of our recent BURNER BRAID looks—


Tamia is ready to tame your locks on:

  • Weds 8/21, 11-7:30

  • Thurs 8/22, 8-11:30

  • Friday 8/23, 11-7:30

  • Mon 8/26, 8:00-11:30

  • Tues 8/27, 8:00-11:30

  • Weds 8/28, 11:00-7:30

  • Thurs 8/29, 8:00-11:30

Check out Tamia’s recent work on Instagram @finishedlooks


Let your friends know and you’ll both get $10 off your braids
Friend referrals need to come in with the referral first before discount can be redeemed

Most hairstyles are now bookable online via Vagaro under braids and styles. 
Otherwise call (415 789 6682) or email us (info@morphicbeauty.com). We’re out 8/16-18, but we’ll get back to you Monday the 19th!

Braids at burning man: more than just a pretty party


Festival season is FINALLY upon us and there is really no better way to care for your hair than to braid it up. MISHI and BRENDA THE BRAIDER are now booking braid appointments for any festival you have lined up. Prices start at $55.

For those getting braids for Burning Man, we wanted to dig a little deeper. We want to respect the non-commercial aspect of the event, while also taking this chance to educate our clients about the way that #BRAIDS (whether done here, by your sister, or anywhere else) actually help you be a better citizen of Black Rock City.

Burning Man is not only a fun party in the desert. It's a social experiment at the edge of imagination. In case you don't know, there are Ten Principles at the heart of the festival's culture. (Read them here.) It may seem like a small thing, but braids engage three of these principles -

Radical self-reliance

Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on their inner resources. The Black Rock Desert is a harsh and unforgiving climate for hair and skin. By braiding your hair before you go, you are taking care of yourself by giving it the healthiest and most protective style possible. It prevents breakage, locks in moisture, minimizes frizz and is overall incredibly low-maintenance.

Leave No Trace

We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them. When you brush your hair at Burning Man, little feathery strands take flight. The average person loses 100-125 of them every single day. Did you know that even those strands of hair must be cleaned up in order for the Org to get its permit next year? Save DPW a lot of hassle, and do your part by never having to brush your hair on playa.

Radical self-expression

Radical self-expression arises from the unique gifts of the individual. We’ve long believed that hair is more than just a part of your body. Whether you find your power in tradition, or in standing out from the crowd, hair is one of our best expressions of power and personality. Braiding your hair is an opportunity to express your Radical Self. Check out our braid gallery or our Instagram for inspiration.

So there you go! Be a good citizen, participate, engage, and help create a new culture. If you decide to do your braids here, book soon as the appointments will fill up fast. BOOK HERE.

Does every Penny have pink hair these days?

We see a lot of trends come through Morphic. Sometimes they come unannounced. Lately we’ve noticed a strong trend towards pink hair from the pink ombre to the full chroma, to tender pastels.

Which look is your favorite?

These natural highlights revealed themselves in the pinking process!

These natural highlights revealed themselves in the pinking process!

Deep pink … veering into purple territory

Deep pink … veering into purple territory

This one gets peachy and pink and strawberry dream land

This one gets peachy and pink and strawberry dream land

A bold magenta

A bold magenta

Pale pink in the wild (picture by Cybelle Codish of our Salon Coordinator Annie)

Pale pink in the wild (picture by Cybelle Codish of our Salon Coordinator Annie)

Here's what you loved this year

top selling products of 2018 (1).jpg

With 2018 drawing to a close, it’s time to start compiling some Year End Lists. All of these items and everything else we sell* is 15% from now until the end of 2018!

*Except Halo products which are 5% off … and hurry, because the salon is closed from December 23rd-January 3rd as we celebrate the holidays.

Here’s what was hot at Morphic this year:

Top selling products -

At Morphic overall: Olaplex No. 3

While lightening hair weakens the natural disulfide bonds of the hair shaft, these treatments work to first repair those bonds, re-linking them (No. 1), then perfect them (No. 2) and finally to sustain this protective work at home, the pre-shampoo Olaplex No. 3 treatment. We believe in the power of Olaplex, and w’re so glad to have clients who are dedicated to the health and strength of their hair! (P.S. We also just started carrying the Olaplex shampoo (No. 4) and conditioner (No. 5)!)

Among Mishi’s clients: Olivia Garden NanoThermic Flex Boar Bristle Brush

This is a truly phenomenal brush. Ideal for straightening while you blow dry, the 100% boar bristles are gentle on the scalp and leave the hair feeling smooth and shiny. Plus it’s flexible curved shaped is like a hug for your head with every stroke.

Tee’s: Rene Furterer Complexe 5

Rene Furturer believes that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, and we couldn’t agree more! Complexe 5 is the perfect first step for most hair types. (See our recent Scalp blog post to see if it’s right for you!) Orange and lavender essential oils soothe and cleanse the scalp and increase circulation.

Hottest color services:

Color Touch Up

You love to keep your color fresh!

Full Balayage

More of you preferred the coverage of the hand-painted Full Balayage than any other highlight

Most added-on add on service:

The Royale

We understand. We love it too! The Royale - a toner/gloss, plus Olaplex and Pro-Fiber treatments - is at once truly decadent and completely necessary for maintaining the health of your hair through the highlighting process. Did you know you can earn a complementary Royale? Every service is worth its cost in service loyalty points. 1500 points earns you a complimentary Royale add-on.

Hottest selling new products:

AG Hair Balance + Boost

Though this shampoo-conditioner combination came into the salon mid-year, we’re still considering it new. Balance + Boost have literally flown off the shelves this year. These all-natural products come from AG Hair, who say so beautifully “While we look to magazines and runway shows for hair trends, it’s the (person) reading the magazine that we are drawn to and the effortless style we see on the street outside the show that truly fascinates us.”

Aquis Hair Turbans

Hot trend alert! These towels and turbans are ridiculously great, and every member of the Morphic staff has one at home. Using a proprietary fabric blend that absorbs water at a phenomenal rate, the Aquis turbans and towels cut drying time by 50%. Wicking away water faster means less water-logged hair lacking luster.

Most played music in salon:

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae

This album blew our minds almost as much as the spectacular style that accompanied it. We played it for many of our clients, sang along, danced around, and booked our tickets to see Monae live. The album carries on the tradition of pop geniuses like Prince and David Bowie, and in fact Monae was collaborating with Prince on at least one track at the time of his death. Check out the amazing visual and sonic delight of “PYNK” below.

Downloading the Scalp Clinic Insights

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.52.06 PM.png

Downloading the Rene Furturer Scalp Clinic Insights

A few weeks ago, we had the good fortune of being joined in-salon by Rene Furterer education expert Shirley Tokuda. (Maybe you caught it on Twitch??) Shirley walked our clients through the clearest analysis of their scalp’s health that can be had, using a proprietary tool called a capilloscope, and then helped each person understand what products would solve their unique scalp problems. We want to share some of the general take-aways from the day, in case it applies to you as well.

Understanding your scalp

The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. But before you try to heal your scalp, it’s best to know what’s wrong with it! Shirley laid it out for us:

  • Oily = If you see oil before the end of the day/after waking up after washing, your scalp is oily. Complexe 5, which you can read more about below, helps clean the slate and work towards a more regulated scalp. Additionally, Curbicia purifying clay shampoo as a once a week treatment, provides more of a deep clean than the regular shampoo. 

  • Oily prone = If you see oil a day after washing, you have what’s called “oily prone” scalp. A regulating shampoo, such as RF’s Curbicia Lightness Regulating shampoo, is highly recommend. A regulated scalp is one that needs to be shampooed less frequently, which is better for the overall health of your hair. The Curbicia line is formulated to help minimize the need to shampoo with ongoing use. 

  • Regular = Seeing oil after 2-3 days is considered “regular” (there is no normal!). For you, RF has the gentle cleansing line, Naturia, for all hair types. The Naturia gentle balancing shampoo is great for leaving the hair soft, shiny, and bouncy, while still protecting the scalp’s moisture. Another great option here is the 5Sens line which is formulated for all hair types and leaves hair soft and shiny.

  • Dry = If your scalp is consistently dry but not overly itchy, this is a sign that the Complexe 5 oil treatment might be good for you. This pre-shampoo treatment is perfect for those in need of a good scalp detox. Using orange and lavender essential oils, Complexe 5 is specially formulated to cleanse, stimulate, and refresh your scalp.

  • Sensitive / severely dry = if your scalp is sensitive itchy or prone to eczema or the like, Shirley recommends you steer towards soothing products like RF’s Astera Freshness Fluid, which instantly soothes and cools irritated and itchy scalps while reducing inflammation. Astera incorporates Echinacea extract, which reduces inflammation and soothes the scalp, mint and eucalyptus essential oils to cool and calm your scalp while deeply cleaning, Vitamin A to encourages regeneration of cell tissue to promote healing and Vitamins E and F to protect the scalp. Following it up with regular use of Astera shampoo and conditioner helps your scalp work maintain less sensitivity overall.

  • Hair Loss = Did you know that addressing hair loss begins with the scalp? There are two kinds of hair loss: sudden (related to illness, childbirth, or high stress), and progressive (which tends to be hereditary). RF has products that address both of these, including a new line called Triphasic to address progressive loss. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Now what?

Knowledge is power. Find yourself on this spectrum and start towards healthier hair and scalp today. If you’ve read this far, you have earned a surprise 10% off discount code on any of our Rene Furterer products from now until December 15th. Simply mention the HEALTHYSCALPBLOG promo code when you check out, or call the salon to place a special order.