Rocking the Braid Bar @ Femme Fair

This year there have been no shortage of inquiries about our braid bar. Blame it on Coachella or Burning Man all you want, but braids are so beautiful and functional that they have catapulted to popularity. 

Overall, I did 21 unique hairstyles in 6 hours! Talk about a lot of work! I had a great time braiding up these mavens. 

I was so excited to work my magic at Femme Fair this year, a local blogger event rocking all things female empowerment. Check out some of my favorite looks!

Are you looking for braids for an event? Wondering about our next braid bar? Get in touch and we'll hook you up! 

Burning Man Braids and More

This summer we saw an explosion of braids in the Bay Area and we were so ready for it. Clients walked in with inspiration from Mohawk cornrows, dutch braids to the five-strand Mishi has been kept on her toes and loving it. Check out some of our favorite summer braids below.



Braids by Mishi

Salon Photos by Christina

SPiN event photos by Natalie Jenks


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Workout Hair Guide



When you're ready to get your sweat-on, what do you do with those lovely locks? Morphic's got some workout-ready inspiration, no matter your exer-style... 

For the yogini


Yoga is all about bringing who you are to the mat. You can simplify your style with an easy fishtail or you can go a bit more avant-garde and sport a sculptural, braided bun. Either way, just enjoy your practice without hair falling in your face.  Namaste.

Runner Hair


The key to perfect running hair is to style your hair going back and ending at the neck.  Our model has long hair so Mishi styled her with looks that either laid low or high and tight to shorten the length and control the bounce, making it easier for her to run.

For the Cyclist


Styling your hair for a ride is all about manageability. But that doesn't mean you can't sport some style! A braided bun can give you the best of both worlds. Its tight enough to hold under a helmet, and still come out looking fabulous after your ride. 

Just do it!


  • Use the Bamboo Texturizing Body Boost before braiding. It adds some friction to your hair making it easier for you to braid. And once you release those luscious locks you'll have va-va voom volume. ($24 in the morphic shop)
  • Do you want to keep the braids in longer? Cover your hair at night with a silk (or silk-like) fabric scarf. That will allow your hair to rest and keep those flyaways at bay.
  • If you’re looking to avoid shampooing with your active lifestyle we recommend using the Naturia-dry shampoo ($27/travel size $13.50) or the Fioravanti Clarify & Shine Rinse ($27). Its active ingredients detangle by tightening the hairs cuticles while removing residue left by hard water. Plus, it smells amazing and brings shine back to your hair. You can use it one of two ways: dilute with water or, simply distribute through hair then rinse with cool water.

Behind the scenes with our awesome client, Chris and her cutie pie pup

Style story: Morphic + Tooth-n-Nail

Recently, Morphic had the great pleasure of working with the amazing Adrienne Moore, jewelry designer behind San Francisco's own Tooth-n-Nail. Adrienne is known for her distinct, whimsical, and one-of-a-kind designs rich with boho, seaside, and 70′s glam. These naturalistic wonders have something for everyone, ranging from the tiniest of treasures to the boldest of bad-ass belly-length armor.

Adrienne’s distinct style inspired a shoot drawing from the elements of the world being bonded together through sisterhood. Check it out! 


Hair: Mishi Nova
Makeup: Emi Navas
Jewelry: Adrienne Moore (on Instagram and Facebook)
Photography: Christina E. Campbell
Styling: Jasmine Guerrero
Models: Charis Briley, Hailey Dittman, Deena Tallo
Assistant: Marleen Moore

Parking Day

Parking Day


Parking Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks that Morphic has been participating in for the last 4 years. We have always done a Braid Bar that allows for the public to get BRAIDS complimentary. This year continued the tradition of surprises, stories and braids that make you wish you could have Brenda the Braider and Mishi as your personal home braiders!

This year we had the chance to meet people through funcheap (love you guys!) and The Bold Italic (love you just as much!) who had amazing stories/travels to share while sitting for a braid! CBS and The Bold Italic were even nice enough to give us a tip of the hat!

Parking Day

These lovely ladies were some of our first clients of the day, and later on, they sent every lady in their office to us! We appreciate their support and we loved the snacks Bonnie brought by later! She knows the way to our hearts is good food!

Parking Day

This gorgeous mama visited us for some much needed me-time while her adorable and sassy toddler slept! 



Parking Day
Parking Day
Parking Day
Parking Day