Annie's Rainbow Color

Fun & FUNKY!

I’m always happy to create fun looks with edgy cuts and funky colors.  Annie Bacon’s hairstyle is a recent favorite.  She is one of those clients that can’t be given straight-forward hair.  When I saw her recently for a color refresh, she said, “I have concluded that the mullet is simply the best haircut for me at this time in my life.” 

The cut is inspired by the South African band Die Antwoord lead singer/rapper Yolandi Visser.  The color was inspired by a recent Glamour spread about rainbow colored hair.

Hair: Mishi Nova
Make up: Emi Navas
Photography: Christina Campbell

MORPHIC Mugshot: S is for Short & Sassy


S and I go way back.

She was my first client in San Francisco!  She was actually my hair model for the interview into a former salon I worked with. She is a very special person at Morphic that I will gladly bend over backwards for! 

In the 8 years I've seen her, we've never done the same thing twice. She’s so pretty that I can’t possibility make her look bad!  However, we often reminisced over the short styles we had done in the early days.

Recently, we took her super straight hair back to short and sassy, and it looks great! Such amazing texture! 


MORPHIC Mugshot: N's Beachy Ombre



Here in San Francisco, I have a whole crew of beachy surfer babes! After all that wind and salt water, they usually come in with some fairly thrashed hair that needs serious care. But with Morphic's fabulous help, N. is enjoying the best hair that she has had in a long time! The ombre is working perfectly! She loves being darker but feels that she needs the light as well. It gives her some blond, without needing too frequent touch-ups, so her hair stays protected. It's the ying and yang of hair care!

This session, we did a tint touch up, toner/glossing, my deep conditioning L’oreal Professionel Power Dose, along with a healthy cut.  Voila!