Is Your Scalp Looking Like a Winter Wonderland?

Is your scalp feeling dry, itchy, and sensitive? Do you notice your partner scratching their head or leaving snowflakes on the pillow? Fear not! I’m here with solutions!


First—why does this happen when the weather changes? Maybe we’re spending too much time indoors, or drinking too many hot beverages without enough water to hydrate. Maybe it’s the stress of the holidays and year-end affecting our circulatory system. Who knows?

To calm my irritated scalp, I use Astera Fluid and Astera Serum from Rene Furterer, and it works! In fact, I’ve started giving myself a little more scalp love by doing my Astera treatments twice a week. To do this I base my dry scalp with the oil and do light brushing with a gentle boar bristle brush and let it sit overnight. The manufacturer recommends to leave it in for 5-10 mins, but it doesn't hurt the scalp to leave in longer. But no matter what - don’t forget to rinse and shampoo! (There's also an Astera shampoo.)

While the oil helps to treat the problem and rebalance the scalp, sometimes you just need something more. This is where the the Astera serum comes in. It actually cools down the area you apply it to by 4 degrees! It’s a spot treatment to address the symptoms before they’re made worse by scratching and inflaming the area even more.

The name Astera actually comes from the word "Asteraceae", which is the scientific name for Echinacea. The active ingredient in the line, asteraceae extract, helps to reduce inflammation and soothe the scalp. Other pure essential oils included are mint and eucalyptus, giving the products a clean, cooling feeling. You can practically hear your scalp give a sigh of relief!

So if you’re scalp has the winter blues, come in and see me. Book online for an in-person consultation or text or email us to schedule a time to stop by for a complimentary demonstration of what you need and what to do. You can also book for a professional scalp treatment which includes manual exfoliation (brushing with a gentle scalp brush) and massage as a stand-alone treatment (with a shampoo and blowout) or an add-on to a service like a haircut. (Note: scalp treatments are not recommended 2 days before or after any color service.)

I hope this helps you or someone you know out!  Show you care, share the hair!

Questions/Comments? Email or text 415-789-6682.

Thanks, and may you and your scalp be well.

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Take a Dip into Chroma Hair

Your hair is your crown and sometimes that crown needs to take a deep dive into a pool of color. Will it come out silver, pastel pink, lavender, blue, sea foam green or a blend? Whatever color you choose, you should be prepared before you head into the salon. Fashion colors are notoriously hard to upkeep but new technologies are coming out everyday to improve that. We've listed multiple options for you below.

How many sessions will I need?

It will typically take 1-2 sessions. The lightening process can cause the most damage to your hair so we never want to rush it. If your hair needs to be further TONED (depositing color)  we will have you come in for a complimentary 2nd session within the first week of service. If your hair needs to be further LIGHTENED (lifting color)  we will need to charge you for a 2nd session at full price. Pricing is based on each round of services, not the total look, and while we try out best, it's not always predictable how many sessions it will take to achieve a look. Your stylist will discuss the process with you and if a second service is needed, what the price will be. 

Emi and Tee start at $550
Mishi starts at $650
All Services include Royale (Toner and 2 powerful conditioning treatments)

Disclaimer: It might sound like a lot of money to spend a nearly or over thousand dollars to achieve a look however it takes a lot of time, energy, and expertise that goes into doing a chroma color, and the pricing is actually lower that the amount a stylist will make doing a regular highlight. Our goal is to make chroma color pricing attainable for our clients, while making sense for us as a business. Thank you for understanding.

How long does a Chroma Service take?
A Chroma Service can run anywhere from 5- 8 hours, occasionally takes 9 hours. Bring snacks, dinner, a book, your computer, or whatever you feel you need. Also, expect to be switching chairs, so be mobile. There is both iPhone and Samsung recharging plugs available at the salon.

How long does a color last?
Color longevity depends on several factors: 

  • How often you wash your hair
  • How active your lifestyle is
  • The products you use
  • Your hairs porosity

After Service Upkeep:
We recommend using great products that will help keep your color fresh. You will need a color safe shampoo, conditioner or mask. (We carry several options here and a color wash that is amazing at depositing color in between appointments.)

The more you shampoo your hair the faster the color will fall out, and keep that hair moisturized! We highly recommend a great leave-in conditioner. We carry diamond serum, kendi oil, okara leave in and solarie leave in.

Use Olaplex once a week. It is a game changer when it comes to having healthy strands.
We also recommend a toner every 6-8 weeks. However, you can choose to skip the toner and stay blond or choose a completely different color.

Products we Recommend:

Viral Shampoo ($35) Maintain your color at home at an affordable price.

Purple toning shampoo for platinum blond, gray, or white hair ($29)

Okara radiance enhanancing spray ($26) Maintain your color while protecting it from UV rays

Karinga ultimate hydrating mask ($35) Masks are essential and we love how healthy and hydrated this makes us feel.




Workout Hair Guide



When you're ready to get your sweat-on, what do you do with those lovely locks? Morphic's got some workout-ready inspiration, no matter your exer-style... 

For the yogini


Yoga is all about bringing who you are to the mat. You can simplify your style with an easy fishtail or you can go a bit more avant-garde and sport a sculptural, braided bun. Either way, just enjoy your practice without hair falling in your face.  Namaste.

Runner Hair


The key to perfect running hair is to style your hair going back and ending at the neck.  Our model has long hair so Mishi styled her with looks that either laid low or high and tight to shorten the length and control the bounce, making it easier for her to run.

For the Cyclist


Styling your hair for a ride is all about manageability. But that doesn't mean you can't sport some style! A braided bun can give you the best of both worlds. Its tight enough to hold under a helmet, and still come out looking fabulous after your ride. 

Just do it!


  • Use the Bamboo Texturizing Body Boost before braiding. It adds some friction to your hair making it easier for you to braid. And once you release those luscious locks you'll have va-va voom volume. ($24 in the morphic shop)
  • Do you want to keep the braids in longer? Cover your hair at night with a silk (or silk-like) fabric scarf. That will allow your hair to rest and keep those flyaways at bay.
  • If you’re looking to avoid shampooing with your active lifestyle we recommend using the Naturia-dry shampoo ($27/travel size $13.50) or the Fioravanti Clarify & Shine Rinse ($27). Its active ingredients detangle by tightening the hairs cuticles while removing residue left by hard water. Plus, it smells amazing and brings shine back to your hair. You can use it one of two ways: dilute with water or, simply distribute through hair then rinse with cool water.

Behind the scenes with our awesome client, Chris and her cutie pie pup



This season, braids are still all the rage. Look for BIG, chunky braids through the winter months. It's a great style to keep your hair looking luxurious in the face of cold, windy, rainy weather! We'll teach you to create perfect braids to compliment your winter scarf!

Check out our favorite winter braid inspiration over at Pinterest

Winter Braid Class with Brenda the Braider!
November 11th & 18th
December 9th & 16th.
$65 per class.
Sign up now



Does all that eye candy leave you wanting a bigger braid than nature gave you? Contact us for info on our new Halo Couture slip-in extensions! You'll have a thick, luxurious braid in no time! (Extensions may be worn down or in updos/braids.)