staying eco-friendly

Catering to the eco-friendly mindset of many San Franciscans, Morphic Beauty is housed in Sola Salon Studios, which is one of the most green businesses in the city. They have energy efficient lighting equipped with motion sensors and an on-demand hot water system, both of which conserve a substantial amount of energy in comparison to the ways of the past. Sola is super conscientious about creating a healthy indoor environment by keeping everyone safe by only using zero-VOC paint throughout every studio. Going the extra mile to ensure a healthy breathing work space, Sola uses an efficient air conditioning system where outside air is sucked in, filtered, circulated through the salon and then sucked back out. This is a major plus for stylists and clients alike, because no one wants their relaxing beauty experience to be tainted by the smell of a perm or chemical relaxer.

The owners of Sola also make every effort to reuse any left over materials they have, whether it’s making the most of old appliances or using up extra remodeling supplies. They offer recycling and encourage everyone to jump on board. Most impressive is Sola’s compost collection. In a city that is overwhelmed with bumper to bumper stuff and people, Sola makes it an extra point to find room for a compost collection, so Mishi can compost your hair!

So the next time you visit Morphic Beauty, you can feeltwice as good about yourself!