preggers and color jobs

The question that comes up year after year, from all my pregnant clients and girlfriends, is: is it ok to color my hair during pregnancy? Unfortunately, there is no claim that exists that says using hair color during pregnancy is 100% safe. Equally, there is no study that exists to say that color is harmful to use during pregnancy. True, there are chemicals in hair dye like aniline derivatives, but they are no more than vegetable dyes and contain little to no ammonia. The chemicals present exist in such small amounts that it is unlikely they will ever actually absorb into your system. With that said the only way color can ever enter your system is through your scalp, and according to Mayo Clinic Roger W. Harms, M.D., any hair color that is absorbed “the dye isn’t thought to pose harm to a developing baby." After reading several other resources, such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), it seems evident that if you are a mom to be and want to be extra careful, you should avoid all over color treatments until after your first trimester when your baby is the most vulnerable. A great alternative while you are pregnant is to just stick with hair coloring techniques like balayage where the color never touches your scalp. Techniques like these are great because hair is dead; color cannot absorb into your hair, and through your skin. I hope this clears up any pregnancy and color concerns, and convinced you that you can still have your gorgeous hair while pregnant!