New! STYLE Spotlight: Zara

Want to know what makes a Morphic maven tick? Welcome to the new Style Spotlight! We'll highlight the amazing people we've met in the salon, and get the low-down on their careers, their routines, and their absolute must-haves. Then, we'll tell you how we styled them! Ready? Let's get started! 

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San Francisco native Zara is one bad ass chick. In her job as a brand builder and product designer, she loves creating things she knows others will enjoy. Mishi was the first to meet Zara, while out to lunch at E&O Kitchen and Bar and just had to talk her into  letting her cut her curly tresses!  Luckily, Zara happily accepted. She walked through our doors with such confidence that we  just had to share her secrets with you. This is the quick, down & dirty on her favorite things and some advice for your soul. 


Hi Zara! First, tell us a bit about your style.

Your style in three words? 
How about three phrases... 1. I never have time to shop,  2. I'm not forever 21, and 3. This is more grown up

What is a current trend you're over? 
The "authenticity" trend. Men with beards who look just as good without them. Women with overpriced, raw leather handbags—a true vehicle for pretentiousness.   

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Favorite restaurants? 
Foreign Cinema (old favorite), Bouche (new favorite),
and Cafe Europa (odd, old school). 

Favorite person? 
The tamale lady. 

Would you ever leave San Francisco?
Yes. But I would wander back eventually. 


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Top 5 favorite hair products?
5!?!  Does a healthy diet count?  My pillow & 7 hrs sleep (the best styling product around!), my own homemade curl conditioning pomade. 

What’s your best tip for someone with your hair on a budget? 
Pay for a great cut. Let it grow out, keep it wild and sexy until you can't stand the length anymore (8 months), rinse and repeat.

What inspired your hair look?
A sea change. I find I can think clearer with shorter hair.  

What is your hair regimen?
Wake up in the morning, loving my bed-head look, shower, ruin the precious bed-head, re-style w/curl creme.

Blow Dry or Air Dry?
Always air dry! Its my right, as a short hair. 

Who is your hair inspiration?
My mood. 



What is the coolest thing you own?
A knitting machine. 

Favorite pick up line?
"You need some help with that?" *New York accent*

Last trip you took?
Las Vegas

Favorite place to visit in the world?
My friends' houses. 

Last music show you attended? 
Delta Spirit. 

If you taught a class, what would it be?
How to silence your inner critic. -or- Handmade Homelife 101


Best thing about this year?
The life liberation I've experienced as of late. 

Proudest moment of your life?
Teaching my 8yo nephew how to ride a horse, and seeing him take to it right away. 

Best way to decompress?
Laughing it off with friends & fam. 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
I know it's generic, but FLYING. 

Favorite word?

Favorite curse word? 

What is a booked that shaped you?
The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter.


The first thing to know about black hair is that it doesn't produce much of  its own oil. This is why black hair and the scalp needs and loves moisturizing oils.  Naturally, the first thing I did was do a scalp and oil treatment.  Over here at Morphic were are addicted to the Complex 5 and the Karite Intense Nourishing Oil Spray.  First, I applied the Complex 5 by taking parting down the middle and continuing with long sections like a canoe. This  is called basing the scalp. The product has orange and lavender oil that keeps the scalp clean and purified, like a Clarisonic for the scalp. Then, I layered Karite oil over by spraying all over hair and scalp. On Zara, I would say I use 8 pumps all over. Massage and leave on for ideally 20 mins. I was able to let it marinate while I cut her hair.  

After letting the oil sit, I washed and conditioned the hair with Seven Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner. I like to condition twice and scrunch and squeeze the conditioner out of the hair during the second conditioning. With my palms, I mixed equal parts of Gel Defrisant and the Gel Vegetal  in my hand.  With open palms, I "glaze" the hair with my hands distributing product to the outside of the hair. Scrunch one more time and let it air dry. Afterwards loosen it up with fingertips. Lightly spray with shine spray.


Thanks, Zara! We've loved getting to know you!

Stay tuned for our next Style Spotlight on Lauren!