Newest Hair by Emi and Paul!

Hair by Paul


We're Growing!

As you may already know, Morphic has been growing over the last couple of months!

Paul, who's been doing Mishi's hair for years, has finally joined Morphic. Emi, our resident makeup artist/blowologist, has been working hard training, and is moving into an even bigger hairstylist role. Paul and Emi both bring even more of that goofy spirit to Morphic that we love!

Besides being super tall (seriously...he's a giant!), Paul's got impeccable taste, and an uncanny ability to put ANYONE at ease. We're feeling real lucky to have him! Then there is lovely Emi. That's exactly how you have to say it when you meet her, "lovely Emi". She's incredibly thoughtful, warm, and funny. She's a real joy to be around. They both bring some bad ass hair techniques to the Morphic HQ. If you haven't worked with them yet, you're missing out!

Over the last couple of months they've been working with Mishi to refine their balayage and color techniques and the evidence is all in the hair! 

Check out the top cover photo with Paul's color and cut. Pink perfection!

And in case that's not enough...

Hair By Paul

Hair by Emi