MISHI's 2014 Prediction


Hello Gorgeous!

As we enter a new year, I have been thinking about trends, forecasting, and what's to come in 2014. 

My biggest hair prediction is that this is the year for brunettes going blonde.  

Thanks to hair icon and superstar Kim Kardashian everybody is thinking, "Hmmm... should I do it?"  Many of them must be saying yes, because I have noticed an influx of new and old clients asking for the Kim Kardashian look!

I think most people have come around to liking her hair more and more.  Recently I have found that I can't help but like her, and this is mainly because I love her hair! I love recreating this look on my clientele.

If you are thinking about going blonde and want to do a Kim look, ombre is your best bet.  With ombre, 80-100% of your hair is highlighted, so that each strand transitions to blonde on the bottom.  That kind of coverage takes a decent amount of time!

Because of the extensive highlights, your hair will need toned and conditioned—in other words you'll need "the works". This will balance out any tones that've gone too warm, and really replace some of the moisture lost in the highlighting process.

Keep in mind that this dramatic ombre look can take up to three times to process to get the amount of lightness you are going for. We want to take things slow and gentle to keep your hair as healthy as possible. It's worth it!  

We will agree on a treatment plan from the beginning so you know exactly what we're getting into! We'll work in toner/gloss, deep conditioning, and an update to your haircare regime to keep things supple, making sure you know exactly how to invest in your hair's health!

Life is too short to not have the hair of your dreams, so call me or book your appointment online today! Here's to great hair in 2014!