MORPHIC Mugshot: M's Glossy Mane


When my new client M sat in my chair, she was immediately open to doing whatever I thought best. Love that open mind! 

When I looked at her hair, I noticed she could use some color correction. The bottom back section of her hair was a dark reddish brown, with highlights on top that were too light, creating a dramatic two-toned effect. There were also som faded, ashy blond tones that had turned a bit greenish. My taste is more bended and transitional, less disconnected. I do like contrast, but M’s hair just felt a little dated. That needed to get addressed!

I started with an-old school bleach bath. This is a quick process at the shampoo bowl to snap the faded, drab blond back to bright and pretty in seconds. This technique alone was a big improvement! We started in on a full highlight, using two different bleach mixtures to get the right levels of lift, while inflicting as little damage as possible. The next day, we followed up with  a clear gloss and a deep conditioning power dose to seal the deal!

M is obviously gorgeous and her attitude is so cool, she needed her hair to match! I am loving the results of her glossy, glamorous mane.