Crown Of Braids: Inspiration from Game Of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones started last Sunday and it’s got Morphic all a buzz! 

We couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the show's wigs and intricate braids, pointing and gawking in amazement, like little girls watching their mother get dressed up. We're not alone, right?

The little girl in all of us imagines living in that fantasy timeline where dragons hatch from fire born eggs and princesses, queens and sorceresses all have hair that flows like amber honey down to their knees.

Okay, it's Spring 2013. There are no dragons and winter is NOT coming. Even so, isn't modern day life a “Game of Thrones”? One where the battle in life, is for success, and the throne is the place we claim in it?

Here are our three modern Morphic takes on Khaleesi, Cersei, and Sansa. Whether it be summoning the witchy winds of a yellow cab or demanding attention while strolling Maiden Lane. These contemporary takes on Game of Thrones braids will have you feeling modern, empowered and regal. Because we are all our own royalty, we might as well rock a crown.


The Sansa: Innocent and pure, a hopeless romantic. You might make the mistake of calling her naïve. She is anything but. Smart as a whip this one and apt at using her wit to keep her ahead. She is cool under pressure, with an easy spirit. Her style is much the same.


The Cersei: Beautiful and in control she is often misunderstood as a brash and arrogant type. But don’t mistake her confidence as anything but! She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to demand it! She is a go-getter and she looks amazing while she does it.


The Khaleesi: Intent with purpose,always on the go. She is mysterious and powerful. An air of magic fallows her wherever she goes. Some might call her sorceress, only because she is so bewitching. Down to Earth and totally out of this world. Her appearance is effortlessly tough yet feminine.

Are you going to be watching Game of Thrones? Or, perhaps more importantly, will you be sporting a Game of Thrones braid this spring?