Rene Furterer

There is much for us to be proud of including our trusted product line by creator Rene Furterer, who began in the 1950s in his career as a hair dresser. Motivated to come up with a solution to the a constant stream of gals with over-processed hair that resulted from constant bleaching to achieve Marilyn’s coveted locks, Furterer pioneered the art of recreating beautiful hair using the curative elements of plant based ingredients. Furterer built the foundation of his product like based on the idea that “beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil”. Harnessing the nourishing and restoring properties of essential oils and plant extracts, Furterer created a pharmaceutical grade product line customizable to every condition of hair.

In 1980, Rene Furterer partnered with Pierre Fabre Laboratories a pharmaceutical company as a way to bring the quality of ingreditents to be some of the finest in the world in phyto-cosmetology. Today Rene Furterer salons and products can be found around the world...Morphic being one of the them. If you ever get a chance you must check out the Rene Furterer Institute and Salon located in the heart of Paris!