Perfecting the perfect niche

I really enjoyed being the guest speaker at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology for Paul Mitchell!  I taught the o'young hairdressers how to balayage and how I became one of the top hair stylists in San Francisco because of it.  I must say, it feels really good to give back.  It's all about becoming a specialist in a trend that's going to stick around- like learning how to balayage.  As with many successful business owners, I feel that I have a thriving career because of the niche I've selected.  All I did was look at what was trending in New York and L.A, the origin where most hair and beauty trends come from.  San Francisco is a little delayed in picking up fashion/beauty trends, but we eventually get on broad! That's actually something to take advantage of if you want to be an early adopter.  I started doing balayage five years ago, after meeting and being inspired by colorist Vivian Grimaldo in L.A.  I trained and studied the technique, and now I have new clients every day that are thrilled with my balayage color results. They look incredible!  I'm really proud of what I do and as I continue to grow, I love being able to share my knowledge with other hairdressers.