flea market finds

Flea markets offer a wealth of awesome vintage inspiration... one of my favorite things to do is look through old photos at the flea market for great vintage hairstyles. These two photos are my recent finds- what do you think of them? Would you go for either of these classic vintage hairstyles?

Check out this 70's beauty! Comedienne Vicki Lawrence is sporting her signature short, rounded bob and super thick lashes. Rumor has it Vicki got her start in Hollywood thanks to her Carol Burnett-like looks. She was originally cast as Carol's sister, Thelma Harper, on The Carol Burnett Show, airing from 1967 to 1978. We are loving this snapshot of Vicki's timeless beauty!

How about this artistically articulate dorm room shot? She's gotta get that volume! Extra rollers on top of her short bob style will definitely ensure voluminous, lofty locks for the pep rally! This photo has a great dose of both art and humor. I love it!