frizzy to fabulous!

Mishi has done magic with my hair again. My hair went from being great to being the best hair I have ever had. No joke! To give you a little background, my hair is naturally frizzy, and in the San Francisco climate my hair can grow into an afro in no time, whether I want it to or not. Even after hours of blow drying and round brushing, at the end of the day my hair is back to its natural state of fuzziness. Truly sad hair it is!

I was in desperate need of a solution. Mishi came to the rescue when she offered to do a straightening treatment on my hair. She used the f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment, which by the way is far more superior than a lot of straightening treatments out there. It’s non-toxic and free of formaldehyde and parabens. At first I was slightly concerned that my hair would be stick straight because I didn’t want that either, however Mishi assured me that it would just take out the frizz and I would still have body.

A week later, she did her infamous balayage on my hair with golden chestnut and caramel tones...and I now have million dollar hair! With the straightening treatment, I no longer have frizzy hair and it only requires a little styling. It has a satin feel and is soft to the touch, and is truly A-MAZING, fabulous hair! I love it - thanks sister!