essentials of a jetsetter

So I am leaving for a few weeks to Europe, and my ultimate goal is to travel out of a moderate size bag, and that’s it. After much trial and error with trips to the gym and sleep overs, I have found the best travel combo without skimping on having hot babe hair. This is what I have in my travel bag: the mini Marilyn Downtown brush, the BioIonic TravelPro blow dryer, three mini Go Toob containers one with DermaOrganic Shampoo, Conditioner and the Argon Oil, and last, but not least the Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo.

I love the mini Marilyn, because it takes the place of a wide tooth comb and a round brush. Plus, it’s made out of bore bristles so it helps to smooth my hair. The mini blow dryer is simply a must have. It’s half the size of my full size dryer yet just as powerful. This mini gets the job done quickly and is ionic, which means it smoothes the cuticle of your hair making it shinny and hydrated.

Then I love the Go Toob containers. You can put just about anything in them, and if you have never seen them, they collapse down as you use up your product, which ultimately means more room in your bag in the long run. As for the product, I’ll put into my Go Toobs is the DermaOrganic Shampoo, Conditioner, and Argon Oil. The Argon oil is an all around fabulous styling product and leave in conditioner, protecting your ends and smoothing out the hair. Finally, in between shampooing, I’ll touch up my hair with the dry shampoo, which refreshes my hair by absorbing excess oil, while giving it a lift. The results are continuous happy hair!! Give it a try! Enjoy!