morphing pinterest

If you are hearing about Pinterest for the first time, you may want to stop reading this now, because if you are anything like me - someone who is easily sucked into the cyberspace of social media, then add Pinterest to your list of internet addictions. The thing I love about Pinterest is that I can make my own digital vision board with pics on the web and with pics from my own personal collection.  There is no more organizing magazine clippings and searching around the house for scissors, glue and poster board. Together, Mishi and I have morphed our way onto Pinterest creating our own customized hair archives.  We have begun to create galleries of Mishi’s personal work, to iconic hair vixens of the century that have paved the way to modern day hairdressing.   As a way of creating inspiration for a full head-to-toe look, we have begun to create archives of makeup and clothes that are in for the season.  It is a great place for ideas when you are in need for a little refresher the next time you step into the salon or go shopping!  Check us out and enjoy!