listen up fellas

Alright boys...where do I begin? I suppose I should start by saying this is for all those fellas that need a little help in the haircut department. You know there is nothing worse than when I’m walking up behind a guy and I can tell that they just stepped out of a barber shop from some hair dresser's botched job with the clippers. The neckline is the greatest give away - particularly when I see a perfectly carved out upside down trapezoid glaring at me or the perfect half round of a circle, smiling at me.. or better yet, either shape buzzed out, higher than it should ever appear. Yikes! Your neckline is one of your greatest physical assets, so you don’t want to blow it. It’s a kindergarden haircut when your hairdresser went a little too high around the ears, plus made your hair the same length all the way around so when you step back I wonder if I’m looking at a Q-tip or if you just put your head into a pencil sharpener... Ok ok I’ll stop, you get the point!

The point is that a great haircut can make or break your look. You can be hot in the face, but if you frame it with a shabby cut, it will certainly take you down a notch. And for all those boys that are not necessarily panty-droppers when they walk into a room, a great haircut can add a ton of sex appeal. We've said it before: your hair is your greatest accessory, and for many guys this is your only accessory, so give it your best go. And get a great haircut from someone who knows what they are doing, rather than making you look worse than without it!