the marilyn new yorker

Hands down, the best brush I've ever used is the Marilyn New Yorker brush. First created as a knock-off of the infamous Mason Pearson, this beauty wonder is hardly a generic version of the originator. Mishi calls this one-of-a-kind brush the “desert island brush” ...if you were stranded on a deserted island and allowed only one tool, this brush would be it!  The Marilyn New Yorker also comes in a mini size... named the Marilyn Downtown brush, which is perfect for the kiddos or for all you jet-setters! The New Yorker is a sleek, slightly curved design that assists in achieving the perfect blow dry, giving hair that perfect, round-brushed effect. It's even versatile enough to smooth your hair stick-straight.  Created with a combination of natural boar-bristle hair and synthetic bristles, this fabulous brush gently detangles and massages the scalp creating silky, smooth, shiny hair.  The New Yorker is a timeless favorite; it will last for years. This brush is such a bargain, too- you can pick one up at Morphic Beauty for $42. (And the mini for just $36!)