the fioravanti rinse Mishi debuted her new YouTube tutorial on her favorite product: Rene Furtererʼs Fioravanti, a clarifying and shine vinegar rinse.  I’m sure you’re thinking – “vinegar, really?!”  Really. And it smells amazing.

Furterer has revived the “ancestral traditions of vinegar rinses” by creating a product that provides amazing results with the aroma of citrus, lemon, orange and mandarin.  With the aid of an arrangement of plant extracts, this magical product adds life and shine to dull hair by sealing the cuticle shut, while acting as a natural detangler.  The rinse removes build up in hair caused from products and hard-water, giving your mane a boost with renewed body.  For all these reasons, Fioravanti is one of Mishiʼs, and now my, favorite products.  Anyone can use this rinse.  Itʼs perfect as a treatment a couple times a week or even every day.   If you only plan on using the product a couple times a week, you can use it after shampooing.  However, Mishiʼs favorite use of Fioravanti is to use it 4-5 times a week instead of your regular shampoo and conditioner -  which with continual use can dull and strip your color.  Itʼs also a great product to use after working out and when you need a hair refresher.

Here are the steps Mishi recommends when using the Fioravanti:

1.Start with your hair as wet as possible with a parting down the middle.

2.Then gently pour a cap full of the rinse along your part.  You will want to tilt your head slightly back to avoid the rinse from pouring on your face.

3.Gently work the product in with your fingers the same way you use shampoo, then rinse out with water and voila youʼre done!  You donʼt need any conditioner unless your hair is extra dry.

4.Afterward, style using a spray-in conditioner, like Rene Furtererʼs Fioravanti leave-in.

Follow with all your favorite styling products, style as usual and you are ready to start the day!!  Enjoy!!