Braided Hair Style
Braided Hair Style


One of the great things about being at Morphic is we get the chance to experiment with hair A LOT.

Usually play time means that Mishi cons another team member into her chair, so we felt so lucky when our friend Lauren (and her fabulous platinum hair!) came by for a marathon braiding session! 

We were inspired by warrior braids, and tested out a few twists on the classic cornrow and fishtail braids. We had so much fun trying something new! And we loved how these hard-core looks played off the sweet lace on her shirt! 

Are you ready to try a funky braid look yet? 

Braided Hair Style
Braided Hair Style

Bridal Braids


From Bohemian to Sophisticated to Cultural, Morphic Bridal Braids are the perfect  accessory for your wedding day! 

Mishi can create intricate woven five strand french braids, four strand twists or up swept fishtails for you and your bridal party. Limitless possiblities abound with beautiful braids to wrap your crown! 

Paired with flawless make-up done by our talented make-up artists, you will feel regal like a queen and divine like a goddess when you tie the knot. Brides aren't the only ones for braided fun, let the Morphic team give your bridal party that special glow that perfectly reflects your bridal radiance!

Morphic creates unique bridal braids for all types brides. See what we can do. Would you have even guessed, model DJ Daneekah, actually has shoulder length fine hair. That didn't stop us from giving her an amazingly full Up-Braid.

Shorter haired brides, and maids, don't be shy, we can give you long hair braids for your special day.

Braid: Brenda the Braider (Morphic, Master Braider)
Make-Up: W. Maple Porter (MUA/Wardrobe Stylist)
Model: DJ Daneekah (Cooyah Ladeez)
Photographer: Bousa Concepts (
Dress & Hair Accessories : Idojour (
Creative Directors: Mishi Nova, W.Maple Porter (Morphic)

Braids and Bohemian Brides go hand and hand. Let Morphic capture your effervescent style in a subtle sophisticated way. Be your funky self in a fresh way for your special day. Morphic make-up and braids are the perfect combination to frame the sparkling personality of your wedding style.

Braids: Mishi Nova & Brenda the Braider 
Make-Up: Emi Navas & Maple Porter
Model: Maple Porter
Photography: Bousa Concepts (
Accessories: Idojour (

Braids and Maids go great together. A lovely bridal braid is great for the beautiful bridesmaid that wants radiate without outshining the bride. Simply striking and romantic, we'll just call her the Braidsmaid.

Braid: Brenda the Braider
Make-Up: Emi Navas
Hair Accessories: Idojour (
Model: Michele Campese
Photography: Bousa Concepts (

Braids work great with cultural weddings too! Morphic is more than happy to bring a romantic modern moment into your traditional cultural wedding, with a beautiful braid. French fishtails and five strand braids are lovely choices that make a statement without standing out. Let a Morphic Bridal Braid be the hair moment for your traditional cultural day.

Braid: Mishi Nova
Make-Up: Emi Navas
Model: Gayatri Bhapnagar (
Photography: Bousa Concepts (

Gatsby Gets Braided


The buzz is all about Gatsby.

And why not? The past few years, Roaring 20's style has been beautifully on trend. To celebrate the release of the film The Great Gatsby the nice folks over at Idojour asked us to come put our own braided twist on the iconic 20's style for their bridal ad campaign.

We couldn't be happier with the final result.

tying the knot


We had a fun time working with Jaime and her lovely crew of family and friends on her special day at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Mishi styled Jaime's hair into a classic, elegant low bun, which turned out to be the perfect thing for Jaime's veil. Congrats to the newlyweds!