Top 10 tips for curly hair

Morphic SF curly hair

10 tips for Curly Hair

We know that it can be hard out there for our curly haired ladies. Likely you've gone from the phase of trying to hide those wondrous curls to accepting your wild mane. But how do you tame it and give it all it needs? Morphic is here to the rescue with tips on shampooing, conditioner and style. 

Tip #1: 

Use sulfate free shampoo. And don’t over shampoo as it can dry your hair out. Once or twice a week is perfect.

Tip #2:

Condition your hair twice. The first time your hair absorbs the conditioner, and the second time the conditioner becomes a primer for your styling product.

Tip #3:

Add hair oil to your second round of conditioning. It will add shine and control the frizz. 

Tip #4: 

Noodle that hair! On your second conditioner application, apply throughout, lightly drizzle water, and use your fingers to comb your hair and create the perfect curl separation (aka noodling). Drizzle water again, but don't rinse the conditioner completely out. 

Tip #5: 

Find your part before you start to style and then flip your hair. This will help keep your hair patterns in place after styling. 

Tip #6: 

Glaze that hair! Flip your hair over and apply your styling product in the shower. The hair needs to be super wet so the product can get distributed evenly with an open face palm (aka glazing). This leads to more volume, better curl separation, and less frizz. And don't use a towel to dry your hair - just scrunch and squeeze the water out. 

Tip #7: 

 Get little hair clips (pictured below) to lift up each curl vertically to give it volume.  You only need to apply them to your part and crown. 

Tip #8: 

Dry your hair with your diffuser using the high air flow and high heat setting. A good way to do it is to tilt your hair to the side until you get to 50% dry. Then you let it air dry the rest of the way.

Tip #9: 

When you visit the salon, don't come in a ponytail. Come with your hair styled the way you want, so that when Mishi uses the dry cut method, she can follow your curl pattern. This really helps stylists give you the cut you want. 

Tip #10: 

Embrace your curls and treat them with LOVE! 


Products we recommend:

We recommend using the Karite Intense Nourishing Oil for your second round of conditioning. It has intense nourishing capabilities, and we love it - go for the Seven Conditioners lustre or color product, depending on your hair type. Remember that conditioner usually runs out 3 times as fast as shampoo, so it's more economical to buy the bigger version. Currently the Seven line of products is only available in salons, including ours. We'd be happy to ship some right to your door. Just select the "STORE" tab. 




Hair: Mishi Nova

Model: Jasmine Flores

Photographer: Christina E. Campbell