Take a Dip into Chroma Hair

Your hair is your crown and sometimes that crown needs to take a deep dive into a pool of color. Will it come out silver, pastel pink, lavender, blue, sea foam green or a blend? Whatever color you choose, you should be prepared before you head into the salon. Fashion colors are notoriously hard to upkeep but new technologies are coming out everyday to improve that. We've listed multiple options for you below.

How many sessions will I need?

It will typically take 1-2 sessions. The lightening process can cause the most damage to your hair so we never want to rush it. If your hair needs to be further TONED (depositing color)  we will have you come in for a complimentary 2nd session within the first week of service. If your hair needs to be further LIGHTENED (lifting color)  we will need to charge you for a 2nd session at full price. Pricing is based on each round of services, not the total look, and while we try out best, it's not always predictable how many sessions it will take to achieve a look. Your stylist will discuss the process with you and if a second service is needed, what the price will be. 

Emi and Tee start at $550
Mishi starts at $650
All Services include Royale (Toner and 2 powerful conditioning treatments)

Disclaimer: It might sound like a lot of money to spend a nearly or over thousand dollars to achieve a look however it takes a lot of time, energy, and expertise that goes into doing a chroma color, and the pricing is actually lower that the amount a stylist will make doing a regular highlight. Our goal is to make chroma color pricing attainable for our clients, while making sense for us as a business. Thank you for understanding.

How long does a Chroma Service take?
A Chroma Service can run anywhere from 5- 8 hours, occasionally takes 9 hours. Bring snacks, dinner, a book, your computer, or whatever you feel you need. Also, expect to be switching chairs, so be mobile. There is both iPhone and Samsung recharging plugs available at the salon.

How long does a color last?
Color longevity depends on several factors: 

  • How often you wash your hair
  • How active your lifestyle is
  • The products you use
  • Your hairs porosity

After Service Upkeep:
We recommend using great products that will help keep your color fresh. You will need a color safe shampoo, conditioner or mask. (We carry several options here and a color wash that is amazing at depositing color in between appointments.)

The more you shampoo your hair the faster the color will fall out, and keep that hair moisturized! We highly recommend a great leave-in conditioner. We carry diamond serum, kendi oil, okara leave in and solarie leave in.

Use Olaplex once a week. It is a game changer when it comes to having healthy strands.
We also recommend a toner every 6-8 weeks. However, you can choose to skip the toner and stay blond or choose a completely different color.

Products we Recommend:

Viral Shampoo ($35) Maintain your color at home at an affordable price.

Purple toning shampoo for platinum blond, gray, or white hair ($29)

Okara radiance enhanancing spray ($26) Maintain your color while protecting it from UV rays

Karinga ultimate hydrating mask ($35) Masks are essential and we love how healthy and hydrated this makes us feel.




Early bird Dreamforce blowout Pop-up

Dreamforce is around the corner, and for Morphic that means business blowouts for our corporate ladies. As in years past we always honor a business woman who inspires us and this year it is Ms. Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba is not only a consistent hair inspiration for our clients but one of the tech's savviest business women. Her company is valued at over 1.7 billion, making it a start-up unicorn, and it is poised to reach over 200+ sales in 2016. So it's a no-brainer that she is our Dreamforce blowout inspiration. We want every woman at Dreamforce to walk into every session, meeting, and power lunch looking and feeling confident - like a boss!


Book your Early Bird Blowout NOW!


Burning Man Braids and More

This summer we saw an explosion of braids in the Bay Area and we were so ready for it. Clients walked in with inspiration from Mohawk cornrows, dutch braids to the five-strand Mishi has been kept on her toes and loving it. Check out some of our favorite summer braids below.



Braids by Mishi

Salon Photos by Christina

SPiN event photos by Natalie Jenks


Special thanks to:



Stylist Spotlight: Tee

Tee Morphic SF

getting to know Tee

5 things you don't know about me...

1. I started doing hair in my mom's garage when I was 12.

2. I don't watch enough TV and I'm really trying to be better at it. I've only been able to watch full episodes of Broad City.

3. You can delete your Yelp app because I'm the app in human form. If we're friends just text me for restaurant recommendations.

4. I feel like I hit the jackpot in my career. I get to be creative everyday and touch people's soul while helping them embrace their hair. I actually get to say work doesn't feel like work.

5. Remember Demi Moore's pixie haircut back in the 90's? I became obsessed with having it, and it led to one of the most traumatic haircuts of my life. It wasn't a flattering look for an already androgynous-looking little girl.


Lets talk hair

What hair trend do you love right now?

I'm loving enhancing natural texture. Bigger is better! I love the bed head look.

How do you take care of your hair?

I use the best products available to me and make it a priority to nurture it. I literally have to carve out time in my day to show my hair some love. #thestruggleisreal

Current favorite hair color?

At the moment I'm really digging well-done, sophisticated peacock colors.

Top three favorite products?

Dry shampoo, Dry shampoo, Dry Shampoo. Then more dry shampoo



check out her recent work

  Hair By Tee

Hair By Tee

Her Latest Reviews on yelp

"Best hair cut I've ever received. This will be my go to place for as long as I live in the Bay Area."


"I saw Tee on the total spur of the moment kind of thing.  Found her on Yelp and took a risk.  I have EXTREMELY LONG THICK hair and wanted to go short.  I showed her the pic and she told me what she could do and what I shouldn't do.  An hour and a half later She was done and I LOVED it.  My hubby loved it even more.  I'm so happy I went.  My family loves it too.  All the girls were very friendly, stylish and professional. "


"Tee slaved over my hair for SIX HOURS, giving me the perfect baliage.  Or is it balayage?  I dunno, but it looks freaking fantastic and beachy and gorgeous.  The best part is, I don't need to come back for a full 6 months (although I can come back sooner if I want it a bit brighter), and there is no demarcation line because it's weaved throughout.

I have a ton of hair, and she made the process so enjoyable.   Even letting me order lunch delivery!  It's such a cute little space, and I loved the living wall that they have.

Can't wait to go back to her for a cut.  I've gotten tons of compliments on my color already.  

Thanks Tee!"



A Morphic Bride


New York vs. San Francisco, East Coast vs. West? Not at Morphic. We strive to create both "New York" fashion-forward looks, and "California" natural, laid-back looks. Here are two models representing each look. And whatever side or style you are drawn to, we hope you can see a little bit of yourself in our beautiful brides!

A note on our collaborators:

We’re pretty fond of bringing a stellar team together to create magic, and we went even bigger this time around by bringing in dresses and florists. It was incredibly creatively fulfilling to work with talented local vendors who wanted to create something that spoke to the wedding nerd in us all. A big thank you to the whole team. 

Dresses by Alt Brides
Flowers by Mission de Flores (Natural Bride) and LaBodega Flora (Fashion Forward Bride)


The natural Bride



fashion forward bride