I am Mishi Nova, the owner/artisan of Morphic. My career began in 2002, at the young age of 18, in my home town of Colorado Springs. After high school I was looking for a trade that would provide me the ability to explore my creativity and give me the independence I craved. What about being a hairdresser? It made perfect sense and I knew right then that hair would be my life’s work.

I had the good fortune of attending the TONI&GUY HAIR ACADEMY. Learning the material seemed so relevant, practical, and intriguing. I started participating in several student competitions throughout Colorado and the Toni&Guy Photographic Awards in Dallas. By the time I gained my cosmetology license, I had completed my training to be an official colorist at the TONI&GUY salon and also worked part time as an instructor at the academy. Six months later, it was time for me to move with the company to “the city”, which was Denver at the time. Within a year, what I was doing was beginning to feel redundant so I knew it was time to leave TIGI altogether.

I quickly found a new home with Blanc the Salon and owner Ty Tomplin. This top salon was very influential to my career, and was filled with stylists who were all incredible at cutting and coloring and styling, proving to me that it is possible that a single person could be skilled at different aspects of hair. We did many fashion shows and photo shoots, and I excelled at editorial styling, gaining tons of confidence. In spite of all the good times, I caught the bug and needed to fullfill my dream of living in San Francisco, so I packed up and headed west not looking back.

I came to San Francisco and began working in a salon that carried BUMBLE AND BUMBLE products. During that time I had the opportunity to take many incredible classes in both SF and New York. As a brief tenure, I also worked part time for L’OREAL PROFESSIONEL as an educator teaching locally as well as in San Diego and Las Vegas. I continued to travel to New York frequently to take the classes they taught at Bumble and Bumble and at the L’OREAL SOHO ACADEMY, learning all about cutting with a straight razor and balayage hair coloring.

There came a time when I knew that to truly be myself and pursue the innovative ideas I have, I needed to become self employed, that is when I took the huge step of creating Morphic.  I quickly rose to higher degrees of success, and before long I was able to hire the help I needed to further grow the business.  Steadily more and more of my ultimate vision is materializing.

Ten years into my career, I am still thoroughly enjoying this profession, and feel like I’m just getting started on this journey of a lifetime. To this day, I continue taking many classes, learning everything from old school curl setting to wigs and braiding. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe in limiting myself to one repetitive skill, and I don’t “specialize” in cutting, coloring, or styling. I believe that the ultimate freedom is being able to find inspiration in my clients and execute anything in front of me.


  • 11/02 Attended Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy
  • 10/03 Received Cosmetology license for the State of Colorado
  • 04/06 Received Cosmetology license for the State of California
  • 01/07 Bumble and Bumble Workshop NYC
  • 03/07 Volunteer work at Shanti-free hair cuts at drop-in center for people living with AIDS
  • 07/07 Bumble and Bumble Design Studio NYC
  • 07/07 L’Oreal SoHO Academy Architecture, Art, Fashion and Hair NYC
  • 08/07 Bumble and Bumble Jimmy Paul styling session NYC
  • 10/07 L’Oreal with Jo Blackwell-Preston
  • 03/08 Makeover Competition Winner (Bumble and Bumble)
  • 06/08 Bumble and Bumble Current NYC
  • 06/08 L’Oreal SoHO Academy Intro to Balayage NYC
  • 07/08 Bumble and Bumble Color Workshop I
  • 09/08 Sales Competition Winner (Bumble and Bumble)
  • 09/08 L’Oreal Talking R.I.S.K. with Jo Blackwell-Preston NYC
  • 09/08 Educator for L’Oreal Professional Color in Bay Area- Texture Expert
  • 09/08 L’Oreal SoHO Academy advanced Balayage with Nancy Braun NYC
  • 12/08 DiPietro Todd uphair and styling with Amita and Dawn
  • 02/09 Bumble and Bumble Color Workshop II NYC
  • 3/10  Di Pietro Todd Corrective Color
  • 11/12 Di Pietro Todd Tighten: Barbering
  • 11/12 Di Pietro Todd Design 102
  • 2/14/13- 2/21/14 Wig Design 101 Merria Dearman
  • 3/5/13 DiPietro Dry Detailing
  • 5/19/13 Di Pietro Todd Styling 102
  • Many many one-on-one classes with Roselie at Gypsy Roselie Wig Shop on Polk Street in SF
  • Many many one on one classes with Brenda the Braider