Introducing: Wanda

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We are so excited to welcome our newest Morphling Wanda Blackburn to the team. She has been rocking it in the salon for months now and many of you have already met her. But we wanted to go deeper as Wanda starts to build her own Morphic clientele. So we asked Wanda some questions about herself and her life. Read on to dig in, and then book with her today!

I was born and raised in the Bay Area with 3 siblings. I am most inspired by the women in hip-hop like Coi Leray and Rico N. Women with unique, captivating styles that demand recognition while also staying true to themselves. My interest in the beauty industry grew to a passion as I saw what could be gained through doing great hair, making people look amazing and helping them feel confident. ~ Wanda

Tell us about your personal style in 3 words:

Comfortable, modern, elegant

Tell us your favorite things in SF:

San Francisco 49ers! 

Weekend hangout:

Rumor bar. Three words: Tater Tot Nachos! 

Tell us about your hair. What’s your current inspiration? 

My hair is currently inspired by Mom Life. Lol. Always wash and go. 

Air dry or blow dry?

Recently blow dry more often than not. Discovering the magic of the diffuser! 

What’s your current hair routine? Favorite products? 

AMIKA Curl Corpse Gel is my favorite product right now.

What’s your best hair tip? 

Embrace your natural hair! You'll be so much better off for it. 

Best thing about this year?

Watching my son grow up into this awesome little human. 

Proudest moment recently?

Seeing my son read an entire book to me. 

Best way to decompress?

Definitely wine at the beach. 

Favorite word?


Favorite curse word? 


Favorite book?

Kindred by Octavia Butler 

Favorite place to visit in the world? 

I haven't traveled much yet, but I'd love to go to Cancun! 

Last music show you’ve attended? 

Nicki Minaj concert at Concord Pavillion.