Tonucia Anti-age Toning and Densifying Serum 8 fl. oz.


Tonucia Anti-age Toning and Densifying Serum 8 fl. oz.


An age-defying serum treatment for your scalp. TONUCIA ANTI-AGE Toning and densifying serum rejuvenates your scalp's health, resulting in visibly denser, beautifully radiant hair. An expert treatment with a subtle lemon balm aroma.

3 month supply

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Use as intensive treatment twice a week. After shampooing with TONUCIA toning shampoo, massage into damp scalp, and then gently work through hair from roots to ends. Do not rinse.

Active Ingredients & Benefits

Lemon balm extract: Slows down breakdown of collagen fibers and provides higher antioxidant power than Vitamin C

Energizing plant peptides: Stimulate collagen production by reactivating fibroblast cell activity

Vitamin E: Helps to protect with powerful antioxidant benefits

Essential oils of Lavender and Orange:Stimulate microcirculation

Vitamin B5: Moisturizes

Cimentrio plus Vitamin F (liposomes): Restore the natural hydrolipidic film to guard against external aggressors and cutaneous dryness