Originating from France and known as one of the oldest forms of highlighting, balayage is the most current trend in the haircare industry. The technique is painted on the hair, blended from the root throughout the mid lengths with the color more saturated on the ends. The final result is more natural looking and has a softness that is unachievable with foil highlights.

The technique is freely painted into the hair. It requires true artistry and talent. This visual approach to balayage highlighting is easier to retouch and less stripy than other methods. The appearance looks more sun-kissed and natural, and therefore grows out better. Ultimately, this means less maintenance and less damage to your hair over time.





While balayage is the technique in which the hair color is applied, ombre is a style of balayage defined as “being graduated in tone”. Ombre is traditionally known for the root area beginning a darker shade, then fading into a lighter color as it reaches the ends. The gradation of dark to light varies depending on the ombre you are trying to achieve. It can range from a more natural and beachy look to an edgy, more contrasted style. Prices for an ombre look start at $250.

For a more dramatic ombre, it may take  two color sessions to achieve the desired look without compromising the integrity of the hair. While you may have to visit the studio multiple times within a few weeks to create your desired ombre, afterward your maintenance visits are anywhere from once every 3 months to once a year, which definitely makes up for the initial frequency. The low maintenance factor is one of the things that makes ombre such a sought-after style!



Know you need a cut, but not sure where to start? It's okay! We'll help you find some inspiration and craft something that's just perfect for your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Morphic is a high-tech salon, so you can check out our past work for ideas, or even browse Pinterest and Google Images for inspiration right in the salon chair.

We also document your hair style as it changes over time by taking photos after each treatment. It's an easy way to see how your personal look has evolved, and it also helps us both remember what you loved about your last cut or style!




Our smoothing service is done with the f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment, which uses amino acid technology as the main component to straighten the hair shaft. It is 100% formaldehyde-free, and requires no “curing” period. Without needing to wait for a curing period, you are free to wash and style your hair as usual after the service is complete. Schedule a complementary appointment with us. 


This treatment is perfect for rebellious, frizzy, wavy and curly hair. It tames unmanageable and unruly hair into a wash-and-go style, perfect for those with high-maintenance hair seeking a low-maintenance hair style. This service is ideal for professionals, busy moms, jet-setters and everyone in between. After the treatment, your rebellious hair will look effortlessly smooth, sleek, and totally fabulous.


In comparison to traditional straightening treatments of the past, the f450 creates a smoothed-out version of the hair you already have, which means your hair is not going to be “stick straight,” but retain a style that still has great body and movement. Initially, the treatment may make your hair very straight, since it is applied to the full length of the hair (including roots). After a couple washes, the roots will relax and for most hair types, the natural body of your hair will return. The final result is similar to what you would expect after you’ve had a great blow out, but without all the stress of round brushing and heat styling, your hair stays healthier much longer than it normally would. With the f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment, you can expect to let your hair air-dry and have similar results to a blow out. If you have bangs or want extra volume in the roots, you may want to quickly dry those areas with a brush and hairdryer, but compared to a normal styling regimen, this is a great compromise!


Maintaining and caring for your hair once it has been straightened is easy, but it is still a commitment. After investing in the smoothing treatment, you want to be especially careful to avoid sulfates in all your haircare products. Use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your hair protected from saltwater, swimming pools and hot tubs, since the salt and chemicals in the water can also have a damaging effect on the smoothing treatment. At Morphic, we sell several products that are made specifically for treated hair to prolong the results of your smoothing treatment and protect your hair. Let us know what you need and we will point you in the right direction! If you properly care of your hair, the f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment will last for up to 12 weeks. The Smoothing Treatment has a light scent, characterized by a blend of blue agave & citrus, with a hint of vanilla.



Here at Morphic, we are continuously raising our standards and pushing our boundaries. With this in mind, sisters and partners Mishi Nova and Emi Navas have created Morphic Atelier. Morphic Atelier showcases our best work, bringing high-quality, customized, haute couture wigs to the masses!

Morphic Atelier creates world-class hair pieces by tailoring the fine details that create the perfect fit, look, and feel. No hair dream is too small for us to accomplish! Whether re-creating hair that has been lost, or creating a new look and hair personality, our hair pieces are designed with the goal of making the fabulous even more fabulous by creating the best version of you.

With our wigs, every day is your best hair-day! Contact us today for a consultation!




Here at Morphic, we love to braid!

Mishi has been training in braiding for many years, and loves to create intricate, complicated, and unique designs. These aren’t the slumber party french braids of your youth! From sweet & romantic to funky & hardcore, braids are super versatile and can compliment almost any style. They’re also very secure, so there’s never any concern about your hair style falling flat! 

We can always add extensions if you want something longer, thicker, or more intricate. Want to decide if a hot streak is right for you? Braids are a great time to a pop of color for a test drive

A braided hairstyle is great for special events where you want something memorable, including weddings, parties, and costumes—or (for all you burners out there) a few low-maintenance days in the desert! 




We know you want the perfect bridal beauty look.

What’s more, you’ve got enough going on that day and you don’t want to worry about you hair and makeup too! Let us take care of them for you! 

While we try to play it tough on the outside, we’re all really romantics at heart! We love creating the perfect bridal looks for our brides and maids. Whether it’s romantic and bohemian, retro and fabulous, old Hollywood, modern and sophisticated, or anywhere in between; whether it’s a huge event for hundreds, or an intimate soiree with your nearest and dearest; we’ll examine each detail of your event to collaborate with you on coming up with the perfect, beautiful look for your wedding. 

Our bridal packages are fully customizable, including both hair and makeup. 

Contact us today and let us know what you have in mind!

We feel so honored to be part of your special day!