morphic chroma workshop

Lighter Base Examples

*You'll need to be a 10 blonde in order to participate in the workshop.

Chroma Color Workshop

May 25, 10am-5pm


The Workshop is currently FILLED

You provide the hair and we'll provide the pastel rainbow. The experienced stylist team will be perfecting their color technique and trying out colors like mint green, pastel blue, silver, lavender, and dusty pink. Mishi Nova, will be teaching the workshop and the Morphic stylist team will administer the color.

Please NOTE:

The workshop will consist of both hot pop's and full head color toners. What you receive is dependent on how light your base is. We will NOT bleach anyone's hair during the workshop. If you need to have your hair bleached please do so before the workshop. This is a class setting so no redo's will be done. Once you apply, we'll inform you in 5-7 days of your acceptance status.

*Preference will be given to those with a lighter base. i.e previously bleached hair


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